CinemaRama: A New Commercial Licensing Website for Artists In All Genres– No Signup Fee

TweetWhile Ryan Glynn was getting his college degree in Cyber Security at Penn State, he started doing some web design projects for local artists. These projects soon evolved into the opportunity to manage some local rock bands. One of his … Continue reading →

Moogfest teams up with Audiotool for a “Moogfest Audiotool Competition”

TweetMoogfest is inviting anyone to produce a track ­ using the free cloud­based audio workstation Audiotool ­ and submit it to the Moogfest Competition. The winner gets to play a set at Moogfest in Asheville, North Carolina, taking place from … Continue reading →

Crowdfunding Campaign For Indie Music Artists and Fans

TweetWORCESTER, MA, — Buzz Lanes started out as a small idea for a Business Model Competition at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. After winning and continuing on to the semifinalist round at Harvard University, Buzz Lane’s founders knew they had a great … Continue reading →

Simply Innovative Magazine Just One Of Several Projects Upcoming from Innovative Model & Talent Management

TweetSimply Innovative Magazine is an extension of Innovative Model & Talent Management. There are several individuals that the public does not know about that have truly “innovated” their chosen industries. SI magazine will highlight these individuals. Another aspect that will … Continue reading →

Protecting intellectual property rights of entertainers through licensing

TweetGodzilla is back! This time, the bad guy is a U.S. brewery that is accused of illegally infringing on trademarks and copyrights held by a Japanese company. Earlier this month, an Associated Press article reported the filing of a lawsuit … Continue reading →