LATAM Airlines “VAMOS LATAM” Blogger Competition

Tweet LATAM Airlines, the leading airline in Latin America which flies to over 115 destinations in the Latin American region and operates 1,500 daily flights in seven countries, has re-launched its blogger competition – previously known as “Looking for Explorers” … Continue reading →

Wine tasting on a shoestring‏

Tweet Wine tasting on a shoestring in South America Wherever you are on the wine-lover scale – from oenophile to ‘anything’ll do’ – chances are you’ll go giddy over the rolling vineyards and budget-friendly tasting experiences on offer in South … Continue reading →

The Singular Santiago “La Cava” Private Wine Room

Tweet The Singular Santiago Lastarria Hotel (, which opened nearly a year ago in Chile’s capital, continues to improve upon the already award-winning property. Highlighting the hotel’s dedication to a strong food and beverage program led by Executive Chef Laurent … Continue reading →

Patagonia + Chiloe Island Photography Adventure‏

Tweet NEW Patagonia + Chiloe Island Wildlife Photography Adventure Ciclismo Classico is pleased to announce its NEW Patagonia + Chiloe Island Wildlife Photography Adventure. Join renowned South American photographer and nature documentary filmmaker, Ossian Lindholm, on a nine-day tour exploring … Continue reading →